PinPay is a Digital payment and bill aggregator service established in 2011. We are the only mobile payment service officially licensed by the Central Bank of Lebanon and registered on the Beirut Commercial registry. We are currently owned by and operate with 3 of the biggest banks in Lebanon and the Middle East, Bank Audi and Bankmed and Fransabank.


Our mission is to develop and monetize an advanced Electronic Bill Payment and Presentment Ecosystem that offers world class features and high-level security that can be used seamlessly over multiple payment channels. Our primary aim is to make the payments management simple, convenient and quick for consumers via this ecosystem and by doing so, we add value to our partner banks and billers.


We provide an integrated omni-channel payments infrastructure and we set up a payment infrastructure with banks and third-party billers, simplifying the payments services through mobility, design and new technologies.

Our merchants are the backbone of the PinPay app and payment system. By facilitating a mutually beneficial relationship with them and by nurturing these relationships, we aim to have strong connections that enhance the quality and reach of our PinPay payment eco-system. We are continuously engaged in helping our merchants enhance their business prospects by enabling and supporting the gateway between the brands they represent and the marketplace.

Our partner banks play a crucial role in our business and it is not wrong to say that they are the foundation of every success that we have seen and will achieve in the coming years. Ensuring that we have many more such partnerships with leading financial institutions is one of the core areas of our corporate vision. We will constantly endeavor to support and assist our partner banks in developing, enhancing and delivering a convenient, versatile and highly flexible mobile payment solution.



PinPay is registered on the Beirut Commercial Registry Number 1008455; and governed by the Central Bank of Lebanon under decision number 20/35/12 dated 14/11/2012.