PinPay operates in partnership with local banks to provide their customers with a wide range of different PinPay features and a multi-channel payment system that they can benefit from.


By plugging into PinPay, banks are automatically connected to PinPay’s biller network and services. The bank can then provide their customers with bill payment services through the bank’s channels and through the PinPay app.

Connect with PinPay for a Scalable and Dynamic Solution

Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment System (EBPP)

Integrating with PinPay will give your bank access to our state of the art EBPP system. As PinPay’s core platform, we have utilized the latest, advanced technologies to develop a revolutionary platform for managing and distributing bills, as well processing and collecting payments.

PinPay Mobile App

Enable your customers to link their bank accounts to PinPay to experience the rich catalog of products, services and features that the app offers.

Multi-Channel Payment Solutions

PinPay has developed a complete set of payment solutions to complement any of the bank’s channels – including the mobile banking app, online banking portal, ATM network and in-branch. Plugging our solutions into either channel will provide your customers with instant access to PinPay’s products and services.

Member Center

Have full control over your bank users, your customers, their transactions and your products/services through a fully personalized, bank dashboard. More information on this in the section below.

Member Center

PinPay will provide banks with access to their own Member Center – an easy-to-use web portal with a full spectrum of capabilities to define, control and manage products, bank users and subscribers.

Subscriber Onboarding & Management

Easily enroll your customers to the PinPay service and link them to different plans. View your subscriber’s profile information, check their transaction history, transaction limits and much more.

Biller Onboarding & Management

Onboard different types of billers and their services through the bank portal. View your biller’s profile information, check their transaction history, their service details, set their pricing/fees and much more.

Dispute & Support Ticket Management

A full-fledged dispute & support ticket management system is available through the Member Center. Easily submit transaction claims and customer issues before resolving them.

Settlement and Reconciliation

The PinPay System takes care of the settlement and reconciliation processes automatically. You can generate and view the different recon/settlement reports directly on the Member Center.

Notification Management

Create and send notifications to your subscribers and billers.

Catalog & Content Management

Fully control and manage your service and product catalog that appear in all your digital channels.


View different reports for your subscribers, billers and transactions.


Integrating the PinPay solution is a quick, plug-n-play process that any bank can undergo. With just a single point of integration, banks can go live instantly at very low costs.

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Value to Banks

By partnering with PinPay, banks will be investing in an innovative and revolutionary product that will enhance the bank’s digital payment processes, its relationship with its customers and much more.

Increased customer loyalty and satisfaction

Advantage over the competition

Additional collection channel

Access to additional customer base

Direct access to PinPay’s biller network

Easier integration with billers

New revenue channels

Reduce in-branch costs

Offload settlement and reconciliation

Offload customer support

Top-Notch Security

PinPay’s robust, solid solution is designed with intelligence and multiple layers of protection for added reassurance.

Payment Tokenization

Transactions are processed securely, with all sensitive payment information hidden using randomly generated tokens.

System Stability & Protection

Relax with our 99.99% systems availability – zero maintenance is required and there’s no downtime during changes. Our banking-grade security system ensures maximum protection at all times.

Compliance Audits

The PinPay system is regularly audited by an external team of compliance and IT auditors to comply with the rules and regulations of the Central Bank of Lebanon.

Our Partner Banks

Bank Audi, the leading bank in Lebanon, has been our partner since 2009. Our business relationship revolves around the PinPay mobile payment service.

Complete synergy and constant support have been the foundation of a mutually beneficial relationship and the key to our success over the years. With a strong commitment to customers to stay in full control of their finances, Bank Audi and PinPay have embraced advanced technology to offer a secure mobile payment platform.

With several milestones to its credit, Bank Audi has been our strategic partner allowing us to build up our strengths and raise the bar higher as the years go by.

In early 2013, Bankmed joined our winning team as a partner and ever since we have expanded our reach in the marketplace substantially. With over 70 years of solid banking experience, Bankmed has successfully positioned itself as one of the top-tier banks in Lebanon.

The Bank operates according to its corporate signature, “You! Count,” through which it demonstrates an unwavering commitment to its clients, providing them with highly efficient financial solutions and personalized services that best meet their needs. Bankmed has been recognized for its leading role in corporate banking.

Capitalizing on this experience, the Bank has actively expanded its banking services to include Corporate Banking, Retail Banking, Private Banking, International Commercial Banking, SME Banking, E-Banking, Business Development, Investment and Brokerage services, Asset Management, Treasury and Investment Services, in addition to Financial Institutions, Trade Finance, and Microfinance.

Established in 1921, Fransabank Group is the first bank registered nº1 on the list of banks operating in Lebanon; thus it is the oldest Bank in the country.

A leading financial and universal banking player, Fransabank Group offers sophisticated and tailored retail, commercial, corporate, investment and international banking products that meet the evolving needs of the markets.

Fransabank plays a major role in developing the businesses of Micro, and Small & Medium Enterprises, and is a pioneer in supporting Sustainable Energy Finance projects in Lebanon.


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