Ideal Payment Solutions for your Business

PinPay provides full-fledge revolutionary solutions to suit all your business needs. Whether you’re in the Retail, Education or Government Business – we make it our business to cover your payment needs, regardless of the industry. We have designed our system to get your business up and running on our platform as quickly as possible.

Postpaid Bills

Bill your customers easily through PinPay by loading your invoices into our system. Your customers can then instantly inquire their bill information before paying. Whether it’s a one-time or recurring bill, the PinPay system has the capability to support your business needs.

We support different integration methods to make this possible – from direct integration with your platform, to a manual file transfer.

Learn more about our integration methods in the section below

PrePaid Payments

Display your entire business catalog of vouchers and gift cards on the PinPay channel for your customers to browse and purchase.

E-Commerce Plugins

If your website is hosted on the following popular e-commerce
platforms, you can easily integrate PinPay as a payment method
via our payment plugins. If your website is not hosted in the mentioned
platforms, we also provide an easy to use SDK.


Readymade plugins for popular shopping cart platforms

App-to-App Linking

Integrate PinPay into your app to give your customers a seamless payment process.

Delivery Orders

If you’re in the delivery business, we provide a seamless POS solution that will enable your customers to pay using their PinPay app.


Easy, portable and powerful – we provide your business with a portable, payment processing terminal that will enable you to accept payments anywhere.

Integration Methods

Big or small, online or offline, we utilize advanced technologies and expertise to integrate billers of any size in just a few days.


Direct API

Integrate PinPay into your platform using our various API’s.



Load your bills and bill information into our Internal Bill Store.



The simplest integration method requires no integration at all. Your customers will be able to pay for their bills simply by entering the amount and their identifier (such as their Account Number, Student ID and so on).


To know more about our integration approaches, please contact us using the contact box below.

Do more Business from your Dashboard

Access your own business headquarters through PinPay’s powerful, self-service tool. We’ve designed the Biller Portal to provide you with a detailed overview on all activity taking place for your business.

Upload Bills

Easily upload your bills into our system to make them available for your customers to pay. You can upload them individually, or in batches.

Real-Time Transaction Viewing

View all your payments and their statuses in real-time through the Biller Dashboard. If your customers have settled their bill, you can view its status through the Portal instantly.


Better Receivables Control

Have stronger control over all your receivables by viewing the payment statuses of all your customers and ensuring that payments are settled in a timely fashion.

Automated Settlement & Reconciliation

PinPay provides a well-designed and industry-proven solution that simplifies the reconciliation and settlement process. The solution will enable you to match transactions, manage exceptions and generate file reports. We take care of the complicated processes, so that you don’t have to.


Disputes and Claim System

Easily manage transaction disputes through your Dashboard. View customer claims and resolve issues easily through PinPay’s built-in dispute management system.

Reporting Tools & Analytics

Know your business better with the reports generated through your Dashboard. View valuable analytics and insights on your payments and transactions.


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