How to save time and money with PinPay

There is no debating that PinPay provides you with the utmost of convenience. You can pay your bills from your home or office, recharge your mobile number instantly, refill your internet at any time etc.  But did you ever wonder how it saves you valuable time and money?

Let’s consider an average day in Lebanon when you want to pay a bill; First you get stuck in traffic for hours which causes you a lot of anger and stress, then you get to the location and find that there is no where to park, so now you go around to find a parking spot and finally when you find one you have to pay at least 2$ . You get stuck in more traffic on your way back to your office or home wasting more time and fuel. So, the whole trip has already cost you over 5$ in addition to the bill.

Instead, when you download PinPay, you are sitting comfortably at your home or office without having to ask your boss or HR manager for some time off, you aren’t stuck in traffic, which in turn reduces your stress levels and fuel expenses and saves you time, and you don’t have to pay parking fees. All you have to do is pay a transaction fee.

So download PinPay today and make your life much easier and happier!