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Step to the front of the line

Subscribe to the PinPay service and start purchasing, paying your bills and sending money with ease. We’re trying to cover all your payment needs by offering the most necessary services, all available in one seamless, user-friendly app.


Send and Receive Money

Send money securely to your friends and family instantly. All money is sent and received in real-time, without any fees or wait-time.


Pay your Bills

Avoid the hassle of queuing in lines and settle your bills instantly through PinPay. We offer a constantly growing portfolio of services and billers to meet all your bill payment needs.


Cash out at ATM’s

Get rid of your bank card completely and cash money directly from our partner ATM’s.

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Purchase Vouchers and Gift Cards

Recharge your phone line, internet account and purchase all types of gift cards from our wide catalog of digital products.

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Pay for your Online and Delivery Purchases

PinPay is the faster, more secure way to pay online and for your delivery orders. Use the PinPay app to conduct online purchases and to pay for your delivery orders, without the need of your bank card or cash.

Turn your Phone into a Mobile Wallet

The PinPay app carries the full power of your physical wallet in your mobile device. Pay directly from your PinPay Wallet for your services, check your balance and send money to your friends.

Link your bank accounts and credit cards, and manage all your payment methods in one secure place.

Powerful Features

We invest heavily in the latest payment processing technology and in enhancing your experience when using the app. That’s why we’ve developed sets of powerful features to help your payment needs run smoothly.


Quick Payments

Add your most frequently used bill payment services to your Quick Payments list. This feature will help you find and pay your bills with just a few steps.



You can install PinPay on multiple devices using the same mobile number. You can link your account on up to 5 devices.


Quick Send

Save your favorite people to your Quick Send to send money faster in a few simple steps.



PinPay currently has 4 languages you can choose from. Use your app in English, Arabic, French or Armenian.



Add services to your favorites list to access them faster!


Payment Methods

You can switch between multiple payment methods when performing payments on the app. Link your bank account(s) and credit cards to start paying.

Collect the Rewards, You’ve Earned It


Love redeeming PinPoints for services and products on the PinPay app? The more your pay, the faster you can collect your points and redeem them on our vast catalog.

Points can be earned in different ways, from performing a payment, to completing an in-app activity such as linking your Facebook account. If you’ve earned enough Points, you can also send them to your friends!


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Protection for your Account and your Purchases


PinPay offers banking grade, multi-layered security architecture, fraud detection and account protection to ensure that all your payments are conducted securely. Logging into your PinPay requires the use of an M-PIN code that is only known to you. The same M-PIN is required to complete any transaction conducted.

If your M-PIN has been entered incorrectly three consecutive times, your account will be instantly blocked.

How to get PinPay

Download the app from your App Store and register your mobile number

Securely link your bank account and credit cards

To link your Bank Account, visit one of our partner banks and sign up To link your Credit Card, enter your credit card info into the App

User your PinPay app to start paying and purchasing

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