Seamless Collection

PayMe is the payment processor for businesses of every size – from new startups to large corporations. Whether you sell from a website, social media page, physical location, or even from your personal home business, PayMe has a payment solution to help you get paid.


Dedicated Dashboard

Once you sign up, you will receive instant access to your own dashboard where you’ll be able to create invoices, payment pages, subscription billing services, manage your customers, products, services, transactions, reports and more.


Send Payment Requests

Submitting payment requests has never been easier. Simply create your payment page and distribute it to your customer base by sending it to their emails and mobile numbers.

Painless Payment Experience

We work hard to make sure that your customers experience a frictionless, easy way to pay by offering them a seamless purchase journey and multiple checkout options.

Credit and Debit Card

PinPay App


Transparent Pricing

We charge absolutely zero integration fees to use PayMe and only charge a small percentage per successful transaction.

Next day Payouts

Receive your money automatically to your bank account every next day.

Business Intelligence

PayMe provides detailed, granular reporting tools to help you understand exactly how your business is performing. Gain access to all your transaction information, payment statuses, customer details and other significant information to ensure you are always on top of the business.